Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to do when you have no money to buy dolls.

Why you just sit right down and make some of course!
Introducing Trixie Pixie!

Trixie was made using Peggytoes Pillow Pixie pattern which is available on Etsy. ;)
Next up we have Raspberry Fluff!

Raspberry Fluff was made using a Dumplin Designs Lollipop Lane doll pattern. Eventually I plan on making all 24 dolls. There are 12 Lollipop Lane patterns and 12 Cupcake Corner patterns. I have all the patterns just need more heads and hands. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dining Room Redo!

Ok so this is what I look at everynight while I do dishes. Boring!!! I had just found a couple of things that we had bought in Japan but had nowhere to put them so I thought hey I could redo the dining room with all this stuff!
Now! Ta da! And I didn't spend a dime to do this because this was all stuff that we already had. I actually have spent a little bit of money since I did this though. I bought a Betta fish and a lucky bamboo plant. Oh plus I redid some pot holders to match the Asian theme.


Ok well I didn't get a new doll. :( But I did get a new table. Kinda.

It's actually a pool table that I bought for my Hubby for his birthday! :)
(Sorry for all the clutter in the background. But you get to see one of our 3 guinea pigs!)
One thing that I did get though is new Dolly Dolly magazine. I've been collecting them since we were in Japan and I managed to find all of the back issues while we were there and got up to issue 14 before we left so I just got issue #15. Yay!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pining away for a new doll!

Well we got our income tax money and so now I've been wanting to order a new doll. But which one to choose. Our income tax money is mostly gone on bills and tires and such but I think I should at least get just one before it's all gone.
Which one to choose though since they are all so great!
First there's Delilah Noir Dark and Difiant!
I absolutely love her outfit and her pink and black hair!
$125.00 on Ebay
Next up we have Ellowyn Wilde Moody Blues
Just love her black curly ringlets and her expression. I've been wanting to get an Ellowyne doll even longer than a Delilah Noir doll.

And my third choice is an Ellowyne Wilde basic doll.
I love her hair and since she's a basic doll I could put to use a couple of patterns that I have for her out of my doll magazine collection. Plus the price is great at only $74.00.

Oh the agony! How can I choose just one!

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Well I haven't been getting very much sewing done lately but I did just finish up this little guy for Groundhogs day. This is the second crochet along that I have done and I must say I'm much happier with the way this one turned out than the last one. :)