Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pining away for a new doll!

Well we got our income tax money and so now I've been wanting to order a new doll. But which one to choose. Our income tax money is mostly gone on bills and tires and such but I think I should at least get just one before it's all gone.
Which one to choose though since they are all so great!
First there's Delilah Noir Dark and Difiant!
I absolutely love her outfit and her pink and black hair!
$125.00 on Ebay
Next up we have Ellowyn Wilde Moody Blues
Just love her black curly ringlets and her expression. I've been wanting to get an Ellowyne doll even longer than a Delilah Noir doll.

And my third choice is an Ellowyne Wilde basic doll.
I love her hair and since she's a basic doll I could put to use a couple of patterns that I have for her out of my doll magazine collection. Plus the price is great at only $74.00.

Oh the agony! How can I choose just one!

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Well I haven't been getting very much sewing done lately but I did just finish up this little guy for Groundhogs day. This is the second crochet along that I have done and I must say I'm much happier with the way this one turned out than the last one. :)