Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween for Poppy and Serenity!

Here's Poppy and Serenity all dressed up for Halloween in Kelly doll outfits! Don't they look sweet!

Poppy is my little Nari-Pon Periwinkle bjd (ball joint doll) from Notdoll Lab in Korea. She got her name from an old book I found and read to Megan called what else Poppy it's about this family that suddenly finds a fairy in their house and all the adventure and mischeif the little fairy gets into. It's a really cute book and I would definately recommend it to anyone who has children.


Serenity is my sweet little Orientdoll also based in Korea. She unfortunately doesn't have a good story to how I came up with her name except that was the name that popped into my head when I looked at her. She is special to me though because she was the first miniature bjd that I bought while we were in Japan. :)

Now that Halloween is over they've been begging me to get them some cute clothes for Thanksgiving. They love the holidays and getting into the spirit by dressing up for the occasion. Well I guess I better get going Ebay here I come!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween dress's for Everyone!

We're ready for Trick or Treats although I hope we just get treats!

Can I get some candy please?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and what better way to spend it than making some new dresses for my dollies to get in the halloween spirit!
BTW: The witch's dress on the end wasn't made by me it came from the My Twinn Co.

Our 11 year old daughter decided this year that she was too old to go trick or treating and that she wanted to stay home and pass out candy instead. Well she had such a good time doing it that she has decided she wants to do that every year. I must admit my husband was a bit dismayed by it, but I was pretty optimistic about either way was fine with me since if she missed out on it this year she might decide that she wanted to go next year and if she decided she liked it, well then we would just start a new tradition and all sit around and watch some not too scary movies after the trick or treating ended which was about 9pm for us, after going through 15 bags of candy and still pulling some out of the bowl that I had saved just for us, after all we needed some candy too! The only thing Megan requested was to be able to dress up next year so that she can put on a better act for the kids coming up to get their treats. But she had a blast! We had a table set up with a light up pumpkin and a smoking cauldron and Megan played the part of a witch making her brew for the kiddies. It was really cute although she did accidentally make one little girl cry she felt so bad about it that she gave her 3 extra pieces of candy. LOL! The only time she took a break was when I got our dinner of yaki soba and gyoza on the table, then she let Daddy take over until she was done and then she took right back over. Since this was our first year here We're really looking forward to Halloween next year since I was able to pick up some witch's brew bottles to go with the cauldron display next year from Michael's on sale! Yea I love after holiday sales!

Halloween rocks!

New Dresses for Halloween for My Twinn

A little late posting these but I made some new dresses for my My Twinn dolls for Halloween. All three were made using Spooky Hollow print fabric that I picked up in Michael's a few years ago. All three dresses have a velvet ribbon sash but the second dress has by far the most velvet since I used it to make the collar and sleeves. I was fairly happy with how the first dress turned out but looking back there were a few things I would change namely I would've made the skirt fuller and I would've used some trim on the sleeves like I did on the third one. But still not bad. The sleeves on the other two dresses is a dark blue glittery fabric that looks like the night sky. I wish I could've gotten it to turn out in the pictures so you could see it it's so pretty. Oh well I'll keep trying. All three are actually sets that include headband, dress, underskirt (for poofing), and bloomers. I added pom poms to 2 of the headbands just because I thought it looked cute and to the bloomers I added lace and bows. I think all in all they all turned out cute though I must admit I think the bottom dress is my favorite. Well back to work since it's time to start on Fall/Thanksgiving dresses!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Maypole dress accessories.

My Twinn Maypole Dress

This dress is made with a border fabric of little girls dancing barefoot around a Maypole with little butterflies floating above them. I really love this fabric and wanted to do something really special with it. I decided to continue the theme of the Maypole ribbon up the bodice added lace to the bottom edge, zigzag trim on the cuffed sleeves and installed a zipper in the back. To complete the look I added elastic bloomers with lace trim, a netted tulle half slip and white cotton slip to add more fullness to the dress and lastly made a matching hair ribbon. The shoes and tights were ordered through the My Twinn website. Don't you just love its pink frilly sweetness!

Purple dress set.

Hailey's New Dress

I love to sew for dolls and wanted a place where I could share my creations and enthusiam! Here's my latest creation. This dress is a birthday present for my daughter Megan. It is a 5 piece set consisting of cuffed bloomers, netter tulle half slip, dress, pinafore, and hair bow. Megan picked out the fabric herself and which doll she wanted it for. Doesn't Hailey look cute!