Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A friend told me the other day that if someone didn't know me and walked into my house they would dub me the Creepy Doll Lady. I just laughed and told her I was totally fine with that. I should have said that's what I aspire to be known as. Hehe.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Featured Doll of the Week- Little Miss No Name

Little Miss No Name
Came out in 1965 for only a short time and was discontinued.
I got mine off of Craigslist for $40 but then paid another $20 for shipping. So $60 total still not a bad deal considering they go for a $100 or better on Ebay especially for the ones that still have their tear.
She was a little dirty and her hair was really dry so I cleaned her all up and washed and conditioned her hair (it's really soft now) and bought her a replacement headband, her dress, panties and tear are all original.
FYI: There are some sellers on Ebay that sell replacement dress, panties, tear and headband if you need them to make your little girl complete.
If you'd like to learn more about this little sweety here are a couple of really cool websites dedicated to her.

Some of my spooky dolls.

In honor of the contest I thought I would share a picture of some of the creepy cute dolls in my collection. :)
I'm thinking in October in honor of Halloween (of course) I'll post individual pictures of them and talk a little bit about each one.
(sorry about the glare)

Woo Hoo! - 100% Correct!

Just got the email informing me that I got them all correct! :) Yea! Now just have to wait until August 25th for the results on the winner.

Horror + Doll Give Away + Trivia = Awesome!

Tattered Rags is hosting a doll give away!
Just submitted my answers for the trivia tonight and keeping fingers crossed!
The winner gets this creepy cute zombie doll. If you click on the picture it will take you to her website and you can see more of her awesome dolls.
Good luck if like me you're a horror fan and decide to enter!

More dresses I've made recently.

Here's a horse dress that I made for Megan's friend's sister. Sorry that you can't see the dress that well I forgot to take a picture of it while it was still on my dress mannequin. As I'm sure you can see she was totally thrilled with it. :)

Here's a butterfly dress that I made with the intention of selling. However it takes me so long to make the dresses that I've about given up on that idea since it took me a week to make and many trips back and forth to Joanns. The pattern I used was the same one used in the contest dresses. The fabric is really beautiful and my camera doesn't do justice to it.

Another dress I made originally to sell. But it looks so good on my doll I don't think I can part with it. I told my husband instead of making dresses to sell I need to learn how to make my own patterns to sell. That way I don't have to part with my creations. :)

I made these matching Am. Girl doll dresses for my daughter and her best friend that she went to visit recently. I took the girls up to Joanns and told them that they could pick out whatever fabric they wanted me to make a dress from and then I picked out the trim and coordinating fabric.

This is the fabric that Megan's friend picked out.

And here is the fabric that Megan picked out.

I think I have an easier time letting go of them when I know I'm making them with a specific person in mind.

I gave these to them when I went to pick up Megan from her friend's house where she visited for a couple of weeks. They were really thrilled with them especially Megan. :)

Lots to catch up on!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. The last couple of months have been interesting to say the least. During the contest I was also going to sewing classes and then Megan't friend came to stay with us for two weeks and then she went to stay at her friend's house for 3 weeks and I kept busy by making all the kids a gift. Anyway I'm back on track now and will try to be better about posting more regularly.

Dress that I made for Megan's doll using the contest pattern. Tea Time anyone. :)

Here's my new doll in another dress that I made with the certificate that I won hanging on my wall. :)

Here's a picture of the dolls that I got to choose from for the grand prize. I chose the doll in the middle because I've been wanting to get a blonde haired blue eyed doll and now I have one. :)

So sorry I didn't get around to posting this sooner but I WON! YEA!!!! :) There were so many beautiful dresses that I was just sure I didn't have a chance and I actually won by a very slim margin on the voting but I WON! :)

Here's the third and final dress that I made for the contest. I was going for a kind of Alice in Wonderland look although the striped tights that I had planned on making didn't work out. Oh well.