Saturday, July 25, 2009

More dresses I've made recently.

Here's a horse dress that I made for Megan's friend's sister. Sorry that you can't see the dress that well I forgot to take a picture of it while it was still on my dress mannequin. As I'm sure you can see she was totally thrilled with it. :)

Here's a butterfly dress that I made with the intention of selling. However it takes me so long to make the dresses that I've about given up on that idea since it took me a week to make and many trips back and forth to Joanns. The pattern I used was the same one used in the contest dresses. The fabric is really beautiful and my camera doesn't do justice to it.

Another dress I made originally to sell. But it looks so good on my doll I don't think I can part with it. I told my husband instead of making dresses to sell I need to learn how to make my own patterns to sell. That way I don't have to part with my creations. :)

I made these matching Am. Girl doll dresses for my daughter and her best friend that she went to visit recently. I took the girls up to Joanns and told them that they could pick out whatever fabric they wanted me to make a dress from and then I picked out the trim and coordinating fabric.

This is the fabric that Megan's friend picked out.

And here is the fabric that Megan picked out.

I think I have an easier time letting go of them when I know I'm making them with a specific person in mind.

I gave these to them when I went to pick up Megan from her friend's house where she visited for a couple of weeks. They were really thrilled with them especially Megan. :)

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