Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Doll Giveaway! Yea!

Well I didn't win the last doll giveaway but I am going to enter in any that I run across! :)
She is giving everyone three chances to enter so I'm doing all three. Plus you have a choice of a doll like this one or Cheater Quilt Patterns. I of course want the doll! She is simply adorable! I just love the expression on her face and the horns! Ahhhh! LOve her! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doll of the week!

Ppo Ppo Doll from Garden of Dolls

This is Penelope she's a 9" resin ball jointed doll that my husband got for me for Christmas last year. ;) She was $160 on sale on Ebay.
Penelope's bedroom is all Licca furniture that I bought while we were in Japan. You can find it on Ebay though.
She's wearing an extra Licca dress but she can also wear Blythe clothes.
Latidoll wigs fit her very well. I think they are a size 5.5
I can't remember what size she wears though.
I made her room up in an old cabinet that someone was getting rid of. So it was free!
She comes in either normal or white skin. Mine is the normal skin. I would like to get the white skin doll too though. Our anniversary is coming up in November maybe I can talk my hunny into getting Penelope a friend. :)

Busy Busy Busy!

It is getting a little crazy around here. I finished up my girl moogle who I named Maggie, spent three days helping Megan clean her room (now am sorting through all the toys she doesn't want anymore deciding what to sell and what to just get rid of), shopping, getting the house ready for my husband to come home which mainly involves getting all these toys out of here, and have started a new amigurumi pattern. Whew! Oh yes plus I just shucked, cooked and froze a whole box of corn on the cob.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

By the way....

Sorry I was a little late posting the doll of the week on here. One of my many other interests is crocheting and knitting and I started a new blog about amigurumi dolls and have been posting there as I finish the projects that I've been working on or find new patterns. The picture above is a moogle doll from Final Fantasy 10 that I finished a couple of days ago but unfortunately I found that I did my decreased stitches wrong (I had just learned how to do an invisible decrease) and so I have to go back and make another one (ah darn) to make sure I correct my mistakes before typing the pattern up and posting it on Etsy. Anyway here's the link if you'd like to check it out.
I've got so many great ideas plus awesome patterns that I've found that I want to work on, it might be awhile before I find time to make any more doll dresses. Well maybe I can squeeze in one or two inbetween patterns. :)

Featured Doll of the Week- My Child

Here is my one and only My Child doll.
These dolls were made from 1985 -1988.
I bought this little sweetie for around $20 from someone on Ebay which is a total bargain because most of them go for around $100 or more when they are all cleaned up and looking cute.
When she arrived she looked quite pitiful. She was naked, dirty, her hair was a tangled mess, and she had lost all of her coloring.
So I did a quick search on these dolls and found a website of someone who knew how to fix them up. I wanted to bring her back to her original sweetness but didn't want to mess her up!
After getting her all cleaned up and her hair parted and put up in cute little bows. Now she needed clothes off to Ebay for a pattern.
(not sure this is the actual pattern that I used but it's close)
Then it was off to Michaels during a sale of their prisma color pencils to put the color back into her cheeks! (and lips and eyelashes)
Now I just need to find her some socks and shoes and she'll be back to good as new. :)
Here's another website full of these darling dolls!