Thursday, August 6, 2009

Featured Doll of the Week- My Child

Here is my one and only My Child doll.
These dolls were made from 1985 -1988.
I bought this little sweetie for around $20 from someone on Ebay which is a total bargain because most of them go for around $100 or more when they are all cleaned up and looking cute.
When she arrived she looked quite pitiful. She was naked, dirty, her hair was a tangled mess, and she had lost all of her coloring.
So I did a quick search on these dolls and found a website of someone who knew how to fix them up. I wanted to bring her back to her original sweetness but didn't want to mess her up!
After getting her all cleaned up and her hair parted and put up in cute little bows. Now she needed clothes off to Ebay for a pattern.
(not sure this is the actual pattern that I used but it's close)
Then it was off to Michaels during a sale of their prisma color pencils to put the color back into her cheeks! (and lips and eyelashes)
Now I just need to find her some socks and shoes and she'll be back to good as new. :)
Here's another website full of these darling dolls!

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