Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doll of the week!

Ppo Ppo Doll from Garden of Dolls

This is Penelope she's a 9" resin ball jointed doll that my husband got for me for Christmas last year. ;) She was $160 on sale on Ebay.
Penelope's bedroom is all Licca furniture that I bought while we were in Japan. You can find it on Ebay though.
She's wearing an extra Licca dress but she can also wear Blythe clothes.
Latidoll wigs fit her very well. I think they are a size 5.5
I can't remember what size she wears though.
I made her room up in an old cabinet that someone was getting rid of. So it was free!
She comes in either normal or white skin. Mine is the normal skin. I would like to get the white skin doll too though. Our anniversary is coming up in November maybe I can talk my hunny into getting Penelope a friend. :)

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