Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dining Room Redo!

Ok so this is what I look at everynight while I do dishes. Boring!!! I had just found a couple of things that we had bought in Japan but had nowhere to put them so I thought hey I could redo the dining room with all this stuff!
Now! Ta da! And I didn't spend a dime to do this because this was all stuff that we already had. I actually have spent a little bit of money since I did this though. I bought a Betta fish and a lucky bamboo plant. Oh plus I redid some pot holders to match the Asian theme.


Ok well I didn't get a new doll. :( But I did get a new table. Kinda.

It's actually a pool table that I bought for my Hubby for his birthday! :)
(Sorry for all the clutter in the background. But you get to see one of our 3 guinea pigs!)
One thing that I did get though is new Dolly Dolly magazine. I've been collecting them since we were in Japan and I managed to find all of the back issues while we were there and got up to issue 14 before we left so I just got issue #15. Yay!!!