Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Doll Contest!

The Morrissey Doll pattern company that I usually buy all my doll patterns from recently hosted another doll dress contest! This time it was for Tiny Betsy McCall and they made a new sailor pattern for her that was used for the contest. The deadline ended on March 31 and I only had time to make one dress. The winner gets a new Tiny Betsy McCall doll called 'Everything Nice' limited to 1000 and she retails for about $60. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will win. :) Winners wouldn't be announced until April 15th so 8 more days to go! I'm hoping that they will post the pictures of what everyone made soon as I am dying of curiousity! Anyway, I'm really happy with how it turned out and wanted to share. I've named my new creation Betsy Loves Cookies! One of the best parts about this contest is even if I don't win I still got a new doll because I ordered her just for the contest. :) Win Win!
I brought this fabric back from Japan with me and it had been sitting waiting (about 4 years now) for the perfect inspiration to use it. I love Japanese fabrics! They have such adorable prints and the perfect print size too!

The tiny heart buttons on the front and the cookie cutter looking embelishments both came out of a package of buttons that I had picked up at Michael's a couple of weeks ago. I didn't buy them for the contest but I thought that they worked out perfectly once I started getting ideas.

I sewed tiny pink seed beads evenly spaced in between each cookie cutter and the cookie cutters where sewn on using silver thread.

I love challenging myself and this contest definataly fit the bill! For one I've never made a dress this tiny before so just getting used to working with such small pieces was the first challenge. The second was deciding on the color scheme and what to embelish with. I kept changing my mind and then changing it back. I also got a lot of ideas for future dresses so I'll have plenty to keep my busy for a while. One of my ideas involves felting so I'll have to learn how to do that first. New craft! And another involves punch needle which I also need to learn how to do. New craft! I keep adding to my ever expanding list of new crafts I need to learn! Needless to say it may be a little while before I actually have time to getting around to doing all this. But with my husband's deployment coming up right around the corner it may not be THAT long.

Whew! Well Betsy and I are exhausted after all that hard work! Time for bed!

More to come soon (I hope).

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