Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Doll #4 Emerald The Witch

This little green haired cutie is an Emerald the Witch doll. She stands at 6 1/2 inches tall and was made in 1972 by Milton Bradley/Amesco Industries. Her eyes are supposed to flash or blink or something but her's don't work very well. I took her apart to try to fix her and I got them to glow but it is very faint. Oh well that's ok I don't like having a battery in her anyway. Emerald came with many accesories like a car, house, cauldron and several other outfits. I don't have any of her accesories (the cauldron in the picture is one I picked up at Michael's), I actually felt extremely fortunate to get her in her complete costume for the price I paid which was about $40 on Ebay. Believe me that is a steal since they normally go for anywhere between $150-$500. Here is a link that shows some of her other outfits http://www.dollreference.com/emerald_enchanting_witch.html
and here's a seller that actually has some of her very rare and very hard to find accesories.
She is a very cute little doll and has gained alot of popularity among collectors. There are all kinds of people customizing her and posting pictures on Flicker. Here's a link to one that I thought was really cute! http://www.flickr.com/photos/nekonohitai/3536312126/in/pool-the_coven
She even has one that had a reroot done and now has blond hair. Cute! I may have to get another one now!

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