Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy October!

Happy October Everyone! I love October! The cooler weather, horror movies every night, candy and of course Halloween!
Sorry I haven't been on lately. My husband got back from Iraq a couple of weeks ago and we've been super busy since he's been home and it's not over yet! Next Friday we go to Disneyland! I'll be posting some pictures of our trip soon after we get back. In the mean time though I had the idea to post 31 spooky dolls in honor of Halloween. Since I'm a little late in starting the post I will be posting several dolls a day for the next couple of days to get caught up.

Doll #1
14.5 inch Flexi-pose Agnes Dreary by Robert Tonner Limited edition of 200. She's made of vinyl and has a new stringing method that maximizes posability. I paid $139. for her and got the Agnes Dreary Rag Doll as a bonus with free shipping but she's on sale right now for $112.00 which is a really great deal! Her entire outfit is lined in white cotton to keep the black fabric from bleeding onto her body. Tonner dolls are really great quality so if you are thinking of getting one you wouldn't be disappointed.
Eventually I want to get the original Aganes Dreary doll. Occasionally you can find them on Ebay. Maybe soon.

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