Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Doll #5 & 6

Introducing Halloween Licca!
Licca dolls are the Japanese version of Barbie or maybe Skipper since she's actually supposed to be a young girl and not a grown adult. These 2 Licca's are actually in optional costumes and didn't come dressed like this. The blond was just a standard bottom of the price list Licca and the purple haired one is one that they made for the tub, her hair changes to blue in warm water (it will also change colors just from the warmth of your hands). I have a bunch of Licca's that I got specifically to dress in the optional Holiday costumes. We lived in Japan for 3 years and these were the three Halloween outfits that came out while we were there. Since I ran out of Licca dolls I decided to just leave the last outfit in the package to show how they came.
You can find Licca dolls on Ebay or here's another place you find them http://www.toymints.com/dollslicca1.htm
I'll take a picture of my group of them and post it later hopefully today, I'll try anyway.

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imoecat said...

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