Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Doll #7

Dal "Angry" Doll by Jun Planning in collaboration with h. Naoto
My husband got this little sweetie for me from Valley of the Dolls back in March before his deployment when we took a day trip to Los Angelos. We managed to stop by the shop before we had to head back home. The people there are really nice and they let me take lots of pictures and even brought Bianca out to let me see her and take a picture. Bianca is a $600 doll so not really in our budget right now but definately on my wish list! I had originally wanted to get Lipoca but couldn't resist Angry as soon as I saw her! We paid $138.00 for her at the shop but they have her for $115 on their website. Still need to get Hangry to but don't see her on their website anymore so will have to head over to Ebay when I'm ready to get her.

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